Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Denmark Chronicles: May 14th

Denmark Chronicles...Overly dramatic as usual (A girl can't help it)
ME: Standing in the bus, [already pressed the button, now waiting for my stop, suddenly relealised my stop was being skipped and I do not feel like walking extra in this horrible weather]
Everyone in the bus: Looking normal as usual
Me: [Freaking out...I can't take it anymore] STAHP THE BUSSSSSS!!! ohmygodwhatthehell (yeah I said it that fast)
Everyone: looking like: 'Who is this crazy girl?!* Other awesome people joined me in attempting to stop it.
Me: Oh whatever.... ends up walking extra anyway...
Hah I amuse myself daily....later for now.

Demark Chronicles: May 3rd

Walking down the street and I hear someone screaming 'AFRICA!!!!!' I was like 'who and what in the hell' then I hear someone running behind me then the person stops and said 'HELLO AFRICA'
Me: Hello
Person: My mother is from Somalia (and dad is from (the former) Yugoslavia) where are you from?
Haha this unexpected conversation made my day!!!. Denmark Chronicles....

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mermaid, Networking event my Host Mom

Hello Everyone,
As stated in my previous post, I'm currently on a study abroad trip in Copenhagen, Denmark. I will be here for one semester and I love it here! I have been here for two weeks and we are done with orientation. The name of the organization that host this program is called Danish Institute For Study Abroad (DIS). The educational portion of this program is great, and because we are taught by people in the field, they are able to give us real examples of topics we are learning about in class. Also, we have study tours to places that give us an opportunity to talk to people who are in the field. A perfect example is the women's shelter we visited for my Trafficking in a Global Context class. I'm also enrolled in a Danish Language and Culture class and it has been interesting trying to pronounce the Danish words. they are a mouth-full (or should I say throat full)

Moving on....
I  have been exploring the city (mostly by getting lost), and going to various places with students I met from my class, and through other people. Two days ago, I met up with some people from my program and we explored the nightlife of Copenhagen, I do not have pictures of that night because I was way to relaxed and enjoying what was going on to even pull out the camera hahaha...I promise to take pictures next time! But I love the nightlife and the interaction between people. I will have an entirely different post on the nightlife so stay tuned.

It has been very dark and gloomy in Copenhagen and I was quite excited when I opened the window and saw the sun...THE SUN. Whoever knows me knows that I love the SUN. Needless to say, I had a great day. My host mom and I had to attend a networking event hosted by DIS to meet students living in our area. It was potluck style so we brought food, played some games, and got to know each other. Afterward, we went to see the Little Mermaid which is a famous site for tourist and an important part of Denmark for some Danes. Funny part is I saw the Little Mermaid the day before with a friend but it was so dark, and we got lost on our way there and wait for was raining and cold which meant all the pictures looked too dark, but we loved the adventure and we would do it again. Thank God we found a stranger who pointed us in the right direction.

I have posted some pictures below! Enjoy!
 My room

 The Little Mermaid at Night
 On our way to the National Museum
 Tourist surrounding the Little Mermaid

My Host and I at the Little Mermaid

Stay tuned for my post on my Core Course Study Tour to Western Denmark.
To learn more about DIS click here and  here

Love always and take care,


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hej From Copenhagen, Denmark!

Hello everyone,
Hope you have had a great year so far. I'm currently studying abroad in Copenhagen for the semester. I will post on this blog when time permits! Here are some pictures of moi (and my surroundings) enjoying what the city has to offer.

Love always and take care,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! Happy new year!!!!!! I hope your new year is filled with good health, wonderful people and great adventures! Here is to a year of radical action...a journey to self and beyond. Enjoy and let us make this a good year for ourselves and others around us! *Hugs*

Love always and take care,


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Other Blog Space: Traces of Statelessness

Traces of Statelessness

    Understanding how the media circumscribes displaced people is significant
    because it has real implications on their lives. This blog will provide a space
     to humanize refugees, put their experience into context, bridge the gap between
     the physical and cultural distance created by the media, forefront institutional
     issues and resettlement issues, and hostilities between refugees and host

    My interest in writing about refugees is because these are forced movements.
     Meaning, leaving their country for a host country was affected by some negative
     experiences in their home country. Moreover, we often hear and read news reports
     about wars and conflicts but we are rarely shown the effects it has on the lives of the
     innocent people, how their lives are essentially transformed by these tragic events.
    Instead we are shown how they are attacked, bombed and killed. But what
    actually happens to those who are alive? Who no longer have homes or families
    to go back to? Do they just disappear? Do they become transients?

    Van Ginneken’s concept of grid of selection aids in understanding patterns
     in mainstream news coverage – why certain aspects are heavily reported
    while others are heavily underreported. I will provide new analysis on why
     news about refugees’ are often reported in local and international news
     but rarely on national news. Lastly, evaluate how they speak about them,
    their representation and who are considered worthy and unworthy victims.

    Read the rest here.
     You can follow me on @AsanaHamidu for updates on this blog and my other blog.

    Monday, September 2, 2013

    About Me...What She Taught Her

    Hi everyone! I'm Asana, a junior at a liberal arts University majoring in global studies. I am originally from Ghana, but I live in New York.  As you can see from my tagline on the side bar, I love reading, writing, talking, thinking, fitness, people, life ,shopping, cooking , making people laugh and laughing!